Accurate and fast cutting of a wide range of materials is a core process of our business.  We are pleased to announce our Sheet Material Cutting Service for businesses looking to outsource their cutting services, to increase capacity or reduce their lead times.  We have called this division of our business The Cotswold Cutting Co and we welcome enquiries for cutting and finishing a wide range of sheet materials.

The core of our operation is our Zund G3 Large Format Finishing System which has the ability to cut, score, perforate, crease and route a diverse range of materials.  Equipped with a bed size of 3200mm x 1800mm and a full size material conveyor system, there aren’t many sheet and roll materials that we can’t cut.  Our tooling includes Drag Knife, Oscillating Knife, Rotary Knife, Creasing Wheels and 8 Head Tool Change Router.

Sheet Material Cutting Service
  • Paper Cutting & Creasing
  • Card Cutting & Creasing
  • Cardboard Cutting, Perforating & Creasing
  • Vinyl Cutting
  • Fabric Cutting
  • Leather Cutting
  • Perspex Cutting
  • Foam Board Cutting
  • Correx Creasing & Cutting
  • PVC Cutting & Creasing
  • PET Cutting & Creasing
  • Canvas Cutting
  • Plywood Cutting
  • OSB Cutting
  • MDF Cutting
  • ACM Cutting

Find out more about our Zund G3 Cutting system here


Come and talk to us about our Sheet Material Cutting Service and how we can support your manufacturing processes.

Zund G3-3200L

The Zund G3 is the heart of our finishing department cutting, creasing and routing a wide range of materials.  It has a working area of 1800mm x 3200mm and is fitted with a conveyor system for ultra fast processing of roll materials. The range of substrate we can cut is truly remarkable and includes: Rigid [...]

Zund Cutting Tool UCT

The Universal Cutting Tool is perfect for through-cutting various materials up to 5 mm/3/16 in thick. The use of drag knives allows for very high processing speeds. Compared to motor-driven tools, the UCT is very inexpensive to purchase and maintain. A spring-loaded glide shoe permits cutting very fine details. Optionally, a fixed glide shoe can [...]

Zund Press Cutting Tool PCT

High processing speeds and high-quality results equal to die cutting: The PCT tool cuts corrugated cardboard up to 7 mm thick and simultaneously compresses the material with a special glide shoe. The press cutting tool has been developed for economical cutting of corrugated cardboard up to a thickness of 7 mm. During the cutting process, [...]

Zund Kiss Cutting Tool KCT

Perfect cutting depth is essential for any vinyl application, especially in kiss-cutting. The variable, adjustable pressure of the kiss-cut tool enables precise cutting of vinyl and film without damage to the liner material. In addition to all standard vinyls and films up to 3 mm thick, the tool is also suitable for cutting thin paper [...]

Zund Electric Oscillating Tool EOT-250

The Electric Oscillating Tool is ideal for efficiently processing materials such as honeycomb display board, thick cardboard, and tough leather. This high-performance tool is equipped with a powerful air-cooled motor. With an extended, 2.5 mm stroke andhigh oscillating frequency, the EOT-250 is capable of processing challenging materials at very high speeds. Zünd offers a wide [...]

Zund Driven Rotary Tool DRT

The Driven Rotary Tool is designed for cutting all manner of textiles reliably and economically. The material is cut with a motor-driven ten-segmented blade. The blade geometry reduces the drag force on the material considerably and also helps cleanly sever thread or fiber. This processing method produces clean, precise cuts even on very loose, coarsely [...]

Zund V-Cutting Tool VCT1

The V-Cutting Tool is the perfect tool for producing complex, three-dimensional structural designs made of cardboard, foamcore materials or corrugated/honeycomb display board. A well thought-out design allows for quick tool changes and easy, precise angle adjustments. The VCT1 can cut at seven different angles (0 °, 5 °, 10 °, 15 °, 22.5 °, 30 [...]

Zund Creasing Tool CTT1

The CTT1 is perfect for processing single-wall corrugated board. The tool accommodates crease wheels with a diameter of 61 mm/2.4 in and a width of 20 mm/.8 in. Fully supported by the cutter software, the tool produces high-quality creases both with and against the corrugation without tearing or cracking the top sheet. The crease wheels [...]

Zund Creasing Tool CTT2

The CTT2 is a universally applicable crease tool. Accommodates a wide range of crease wheels for folding carton, polypropylene, twin wall sheets, etc. Clean creases without tearing Directional pressure adjustments Our Zund G3 has a cutting area of 1800mm x 3200mm and is fitted with a conveyor system for ultra fast processing of both sheets [...]

Laser Cutter 130w

Our Laser Cutter's primary use is cutting acrylic letters for signage, where laser cutting allows a much tighter corner on returns as you dont need to allow for a 3mm router bit.  The usual thickness acrylic we cut is 5mm, however our Laser Cutter will cut up to 25mm thickness and an overall size of [...]

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