Your external Signage is so important for many reasons. Firstly it identifies your premises to your customers when they are visiting for the first time, and for that reason it’s important to have very clear signage that wont be missed! Secondly, external signage is often used to direct your customers or visitors around your site so they don’t get lost. Therefore, your External Signage needs to be durable and weatherproof.

We’ve been creating eye-catching and unique signage for our clients for over 17 years.  We work with a wide range of materials including plastic, metals and woods.  Whereas may companies will outsource all aspects of production, we operate our own Flat Bed UV Printer, CNC Router and Laser Cutter to bring you the greatest possible range of signage in the shortest of timescales.  We pride ourself on our creative ideas, often developing bespoke material compositions to give our clients something unique to them.

Cotswold Printing have been leaders in the wide format printing industry for over 17 years. We continually invest in new print and finishing technologies to bring you the best possible print quality with the highest sustainability and environmental credentials. With a highly resourceful and creative team, we’re great at finding solutions to clients print problems and are renowned for fast turnaround times when new clients have been let down at the last minute.

Have a question or something you’re unsure about? Don’t worry, our team are here to help! We will be happy to answer your questions, and think outside of the box to find a solution for your requirements. We’re available from 8.30am – 5.30pm, Monday – Friday.

External signage
external signage

Cut Letter Signage

Cut letter signage offers something a little different from the usual flat boards. Acrylic letters provide a vibrant addition to both interior and exterior walls, in a range of over 200 available colours. Metal cut letters can be produced as flat components, or built up to give a real depth and dramatic effect, all in [...]

Signage Fabrication

Signage Fabrication is part of the bread and butter of Cotswold Printing. Sometimes you just know exactly how you want your signage to look, but can't find it anywhere.  We're used to these phone calls, we get them quite often and we quickly put our clients minds at ease.  Our answer is simple and straight [...]

Onsite Installation

So we've helped you design your signage, wallpaper or glass frosting, we've printed it beautifully for you, so all that's left is to get it in situ... that's where our Onsite Installation comes in. We have a team of highly experienced fitters with a combined experience of over 40 years! Whether they're fitting a printed [...]

Perspex Printing

Perspex Printing is a fantastic way to get that professional look throughout your shop, office, school or dealership. Many of our customers use this form of printing for informational or directional signage within the workplace however, Perspex Printing is perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. Perspex is a versatile media and can be printed [...]

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