Here at The Cotswold Printing Company we have been making signage for 15 years, and we love it! Over the years, we’ve created signage from all sorts of different materials, in different shapes and sizes, always leaving our customers happy with the result.

Indoor signage is a must for large buildings with multiple floors, offices and breakout spaces. These practical systems can direct people around your building with ease, whilst showing off your branding and visual identity. There are a vast range of materials that you can use indoors, and whether you choose Acrylic, Foamex, 400mic PVC, Plywood, Cut Letter Signage, Ecoboard or something else, we’ll make sure you love the end result!

The same is true for our outdoor signage. Commonly, ACM or other metals are used to provide longevity, but Correx, Foamex or Cut Acrylic can also be used to create a stunning end result.

We love supporting our customers with their signage projects, no matter how big or small! Whether you want a Roadside Sign to identify your premises, or a complete signage revamp for a whole site, we can guide you through the process from start to finish. We love to work consultatively with customers and will be happy to advise on signage location as well as design!

Cotswold Printing have been leaders in the wide format printing industry for over 17 years. We continually invest in new print and finishing technologies to bring you the best possible print quality with the highest sustainability and environmental credentials. With a highly resourceful and creative team, we’re great at finding solutions to clients print problems and are renowned for fast turnaround times when new clients have been let down at the last minute.


Cut Letter Signage

Cut letter signage offers something a little different from the usual flat boards. Acrylic letters provide a vibrant addition to both interior and exterior walls, in a range of over 200 available colours. Metal cut letters can be produced as flat components, or built up to give a real depth and dramatic effect, all in [...]

Signage Fabrication

Signage Fabrication is part of the bread and butter of Cotswold Printing. Sometimes you just know exactly how you want your signage to look, but can't find it anywhere.  We're used to these phone calls, we get them quite often and we quickly put our clients minds at ease.  Our answer is simple and straight [...]

Foamex Board Printing

Foamex Board Printing is a fantastic, lightweight versatile product to print your business signage onto. It is also ideal for indoor environments such as offices, shops and car dealerships. Foamex Boards can also be printed for exhibitions and events where you need quick portable signage that helps direct consumers. Foamex Boards come in 2mm, 3mm, [...]

ACM board printing

ACM Board Printing offers a great solution for indoor and outdoor single. ACM boards are extremely durable, hard wearing and long lasting due to their aluminium base they are also weather resistant. The ACM signs can be printed either single sided or double sided. Cotswold Printing can provide you with the ideal custom signage with [...]

Signage Fabrication
external signage
Foamex Printed Boards
cut letter signage

Printed Site Boards

Our Printed Site Boards are a great way
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Printed Correx

Our 4mm Printed Correx is great for a
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