Printed Floor Graphics are so versatile. You might recognise this product more recently due to its popularity during the Covid 19 Pandemic, where we used them to map out our one way systems and mark out appropriate social distancing.

Outside of the pandemic, Printed Floor Graphics can still be put to good use! You can use them in a directional sense, or to create a guide for a trail. They’re also useful for events or leading potential customers to your shop!

We print on different grades of floor graphics; R9, R10 and R12. R12 is suitable for outdoor use, where as R9 and R12 are recommended for indoor use. We can print any design, and cut them to any size and shape! They are printed using our Colorado and finished using our Zund.

Not sure about artwork? Don’t worry, our graphic designer will be happy to help you! We can talk through your aims for your project, along with your current brand identity to make sure we get the perfect balance of practicality and style.


Custom Printed R10 Regular Floor Graphics

Make your workplace Covid Secure. Cotswold Printing's Custom

Custom Printed R12 Regular Floor Graphics

Make your workplace Covid Secure. Cotswold Printing's Custom

Custom Printed R9 Regular Floor Graphics

Make your workplace Covid secure. Cotswold Printing's Custom
Floor Graphics
Floor Graphics

Roller Banners

Here at Cotswold Printing we print a range of Roller Banners in various different sizes. Chose from our Economy, Regular or Premium print & cassette options. You will be sure of getting a speedy turnaround as we can print these products the same day as you order, meaning that they could be with you the [...]


Posters have a long history when it comes to advertising and promoting products, services or events. The poster, as we know it, dates back to the 1840’s - 1850’s when printing breakthrough in lithography allowed printers to print posters, in mass, in a varied range of colours. Nowadays, modern poster printing has progressed from being [...]

Printed Site Boards

Our Printed Site Boards are a great way to advertise your business, they make it easier for suppliers to find your sites when delivering mateirals and potential new clients can see the quality of your work.  Fix them to walls, fences or railing, stakes in the ground or custom frames.

We print our Printed Contractor Boards to the size of 800mm x 600mm, this can be landscape or portrait.  Printing is in full colour on our Canon Arizona and Canon Colorado Print Systems and the are cut on our Zund G3 Cutting System for an accurate finished size.

Our Contractor Boards are printed on a choice of Correx, Foamex and ACM.  Correx Site Boards as light and durable with a light ribbed surface and is available is 4mm and 6mm thicknesses.  Foamex Site Boards have a smooth white surface and with a satin finish and is available in 3mm, 5mm & 10mm.  ACM Site Boards are an aluminium composite material and comes in 3mm thickness.  We laminate our prints on ACM with a choice of Matte or Gloss Finishes.

Labels & Stickers

Printed labels & stickers are a great way of providing quick and easy pieces of information all around the workplace. Whether it’s to indicate what files are kept what draw, or useful information with instructions on how to use particular machinery, or instructions on which buttons do what. Printed Stickers can be a vital part [...]

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